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Typically, the innovation of social media platforms has drastically revolutionized how individuals carry out business. Over time, these social media platforms have sparked creativity, efficiency, and effectiveness in the business arena. Regardless of business size, social media platforms play a vital role in market intelligence. Social media platforms also aid in increasing business awareness, customer connection, and increases business incomes and leads. Research carried out by the global web index notes that 49% of global consumer purchases are carried out through online platforms (Index, 2015). Due to this, social media has played a critical role in some businesses going global. Social media services entail accessing social exposure for one’s business or website to grow and increase the business brand awareness. Some of the commonly used channels include Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Numerous social media services can help a business grow. Delving into some of the social media services such as strategy planning, account profile creation and branding, content creation, content publishing, research and analysis, and education and consulting. This aids in understanding the role of social media services in enhancing business growth and meeting organizational objectives.

Strategic planning

Strategic planning is an essential tool in social media market intelligence and consumer relations. The majority of small scale businesses often use social media without factoring in their goals and objectives for the particular choice of network. Content strategy for a specific brand requires an organization to have a well-laid plan to meet the purposes of the organization. However, content creators must spend time to carry out research on the keywords used and have knowledge of the audience. Most organizations nowadays are venturing into social media market intelligence as a result of the high number of potential consumers on the internet. However, it is essential for an organization to also focus on properly using Social Media Services providers to enhance its business objectives. Most organizations nowadays concentrate on strategically planning on different ways to use social media to increase their market base.

Additionally, an organization needs to test and analyze various networks and forms of content before releasing it to the public. A good strategy should factor in those who continuously use social media platforms. Emarketer affirms that 90.5% of Millennials, 77.4% of Generation X, and 48.3% of Child Boomers are continually active on various social media platforms (Emarketer, 2019). These statistics is vital in targeting and creating a client base. Content creators should be able to offer their clients a detailed plan which is inclusive of elements, for instance, an editorial calendar. By doing so, a client can easily use this as a guide to attain various products and services from an organization.

Account profile creation and branding

The first step in getting started on social media is through creating an account. One can only enjoy social media services if they have an account. Business owners can take some time off to learn about social media and digital marketing. However, it is advisable to seek service from professionals. Professional can always provide advice on which social media platform are good for one’s business. They can help with setting up an account and building a profile which can intensively market and organization to diverse consumers. Individuals mandated with the responsibility of selling an organization are referred to as brand ambassadors. These brand ambassadors ensure that social media profiles are updated daily, which works in favor of the company they’re marketing.  In addition to that, brand ambassadors also provide that search engine optimization is user-friendly for consumers. Some professionals offer extended services even after creating and branding a business profile depending on the terms of agreements. These services include giving consumers discounts and various after-sales services like vacations and different gifts upon purchase of products and services.

Content creation

Social Media Services provider business profiles always seek for content that they can use on social media. These contents can lure consumers into making purchases, and this increases sales. Chaffed outlines that, 74% of online platform marketers create quality content as a result of their notion that their efforts through social media marketing have proven to be very useful (Chaffey & Smith, 2017). Numerous forms of content can be used on various channels. However, some require to be designed to meet specific social media use. For instance, some images that are used in social sites are needed to be costumed to particular dimensions so that they can be used on different networks. In addition to that, some text needs to be formatted to be appealing to different consumers. Despite twitter doubling their character limit, not many people can craft an excellent captivating tweet. Hence one should consider hiring someone good at content creation. The content should be engaging and captivating enough to encourage sharing to spread the brand message. Excellent social media content should combine creativity, data, and analytics.

Content publishing

Content publishing is also an essential attribute in social media services across the globe. The content created for a social media site needs to be timely and resourceful. This ensures that consumers can quickly get insight into specific products and services offered by an organization. However, most social media users find it hard to schedule their content to attract the right kind of social media users. They rarely find time to post their content across different channels continuously. As a result, most of the Social Media Services provider materials posted on a social media platform don’t reach out to potential consumers. Therefore, time and purpose are some of the vital factors that should be considered before publishing any content. For instance, a health content publishing entails, creating consistency, planning time-sensitive material, involving others, building an archive, and enforcing a healthy sharing ratio. Clients are always advised to use a content guide calendar to guide them on when to post. According to research conducted by Lipsman, nearly 38% of mobile phone subscribers in the United States access social networks through their mobile phones (Lipsman et al., 2012). This is a clear indicator that content published should be done factoring how they will fit on a mobile screen.

Research and analysis

Research and prized insight regarding a client’s brand is vital to gaining their business. Clients are always curious about knowing their audience and customer’s behavior, interest, and identity. Proper research should create an overall appeal to competitors on the brand’s success on the social platform. This way, clients can relate to the brand’s strengths and weaknesses. According to Sashi, 61% of clients are more likely to search for a product suggested to them by a friend on social media (Sashi, 2012). This is a clear indication that social media influences play a huge role in promoting a brand and increasing sales in an organization. However, brand ambassadors need to focus on carrying out intense market research to ensure that they are conversant with consumer tastes and preferences. Various insight brands should be a factor before and during the process of running social media campaigns. They are useful in gauging the brand’s success.

A good example is a social listening tool, which is useful in tracking campaigns and identifying hot topics and hashtags that are trending. Besides that, there is a salesforce marketing cloud that offers a relevant audit service. It provides clients with an idea of how the brand is fairing in the market. In addition to that, conducting intense research also ensures that a brand ambassador learns more about a product or service. This makes it easier for a brand ambassador to convince potential consumers through social media platforms. However, it is essential to note that research requires a lot of commitment and time. A brand ambassador is expected to be diligent and committed. This ensures that a brand ambassador is equipped with the latest information about a brand.

Education and consulting

Educating organizations through consulting ensures that social media services continue to receive recognition globally. Social media seems to be new to some business owners. Despite using it in their personal life, they tend to find it hard to use it for marketing purposes. However, some specialists offer social media services at an affordable price. The services are inclusive of educating clients on how best to communicate on social media platforms. Their services can help clients to avoid corporate jargon and engage clients in a more conversational and friendly manner. They can also aid in coming up with social media policy that regulates how organizations use social media services to conduct business. Also, encouraging employees to adopt the use of social Media Services provider and build a social media team is essential for meeting the goals and objectives of an organization.

Social Media Services providers are a powerful tool for both small medium and large businesses to reach customers. When a business owner makes good use of social media services, they can make remarkable success in their business. They are can also come up with devoted brand promoters as well as drive sales and leads. Social media services have numerous benefits such as creating brand awareness, build conversation, increasing website traffic, and improving on communication and interaction with prospective clients. Business owners should make good use of social media services.

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